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Furrimals is a community-driven independent publication and newsletter for dog dads everywhere. We are a resource for all things canine, from pawsome products and tips to training and fun. Whether you're a newcomer to dog parenting or a seasoned pro, we’ve got you covered.

We believe dog ownership has the potential to transform people's lives for the better, which is why our mission is to provide dog dads with the information they need to make the journey the very best it can be.

While we are based in the United Kingdom, our vision has no boundaries. Our articles are written by experienced in-house dog dads or from our very own community members, and they're full of own-experience practical advice and tips. We also love to have a little fun, so you can expect a good dose of humor along the way.

Our newsletter, on the other hand, provides community members with a monthly dose of news and curated resources to keep them in the know for all things doggo.

A photo of Luna an English Bulldog and Lee, her dog dad.
Hey, I'm Lee! I take care of the day to day running of Furrimals, and i'm a proud doggo dad to Luna, my English Bulldog.

Being part of Furrimals will help you unlock the secrets to being an awesome dog parent. The key is to share and discuss the highs and lows with each other.

I encourage you to join our community so you can share your experiences (or constructive criticism ✌) through the comments and lets do this together.

– Lee